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Sairam college - Sep 2020

On the occasion of Engineers day, it was delightful experience to speak to the next generation of mobile app developers who will make India proud. Kudos to Sri Sairam engineering college and MITSquare for such a noble initiative to promote home-grown apps.

srisairam engineer apps mobile engineers day

St Peters College - Sep 20

On the occasion of Teachers day, it was a pleasure to interact with young MBA's and to be part of their success journey. Thank you to the management of St Peters College of Engg & Tech for inviting us to address their students.

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Ticker TV - Aug 2020

CoachDirect got featured on Australian TV Ticker on how we are promoting emotional wellness

tv australia news interview feature emotional wellness

Snippet below:

CoachDirect is promoting holistic wellness including mental and emotional wellness and not just physical fitness. Our online offerings include wellness programmes such as Stress Management, Mindfulness, Healthy Work Balance, etc.. We also offer employee workshops; and 1-on-1 coaching and counselling services.

We are proud to announce our Overcome series of free virtual runs where we are encouraging people to become physically active again and to overcome their stress and anxiety that they are facing due to the pandemic.

Mindfulness during workouts - Aug 2020

Our article on "how-to-practice-mindfulness-workouts-or-mindfulness-walking" is published on

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Snippet below:

Are you the sort of person who does not want to sit and meditate? Do you hate sitting still and trying to focus on your breath? Do you feel guilty that you are missing out on the benefits of mindfulness meditation?

Would you rather like to use your workout time to include some easy mindfulness as well?

Why not? There is a simple technique that I can suggest which will bring mindfulness practice into your workout routine. You might be doing your Yoga, or you are out on your daily walk, or even working out in the gym. Enjoy the blissful harmony of mind and body and get your dose of physical and mental fitness through mindfulness during gentle workouts.

So how to include mindfulness practice into your exercise routine? No, I do not have a mindfulness walking script that you need to by-heart and utter out like a mantra. Instead, just remember the IPOD method.

Startup mentorship - Aug 20

startup mentor mentorship entrepreneur business

Thanks to mystartupyatra for featuring us on the Virtual Mentorship journey. It was great to meet some promising startups and passionate entrepreneurs. We wish you all the very best and great success in your journey.

Stress Management - Aug 2020

Our article on "How Do You Manage Your Stress" is published on Properipress 

stress management types relief reduction

Snippet below:

What causes you stress?

While everything under the sky seems to have the power to cause you stress, what could you possibly do to counter it? Do you have any ability at all to fight back, or is the war hopelessly lost without a shot?

Let me equip you with some stress reduction techniques which will help you in your war against stress.

The three main types of stress reduction techniques are:

  1. Cognitive techniques which try to train your mind and redirect your thoughts such as mindfulness, meditation, and visualization.
  2. Relaxation techniques which try to appeal to your soul – like connecting with your family and friends, or indulging in your favorite hobbies.
  3. Physical techniques which work around your body such as physical exercise, Yoga, or breathing techniques.

Udemy Mindfulness - July 2020

Our second course on Udemy, "Mindfulness Mantra" has just gone live!

In the course, we cover simple and practical techniques that one can practice during the work day without disturbing the daily schedule. The course covers  meditation and the connections to Yoga where applicable. The course also covers the STOP technique and benefits of mindfulness. The course has been kept short and sweet under an hour.

Prosperi Press - July 2020

The story of CoachDirect's innovation and the importance of emotional wellness has been published on

Snippet below:

We rechristened our vision as a blissful harmony of mind, body and soul. Our mission is to promote a holistic healthy lifestyle. In this digital era, with easy access to online video meetings, we are so excited that we can make a difference globally, and are no longer location constrained.

We have recently on-boarded a team of qualified Life Coaches and Counselors, who can serve customers online via video calls. We are helping our clients in their personal challenges such as anxiety / stress reduction, successful relationships, enhancing self-image, etc.. We also offer group emotional wellness programs such as Mindfulness, Health / Work Balance and Yoga.

Our forte is being able to provide all these quality services at extremely competitive prices since India is a low cost center. This way, we hope to reach the masses and to spread the awareness for holistic health globally.  

We invite you to check us out:

Life Coaching:

Wellness Training:

Youtube Channel:

Udemy Courses:

MyStartUpYatra - July 2020

Mystartupyatra invited Veer Varma as speaker in the "Innovation in Pandemic series" to talk about how to execute your incredible thoughts into a remarkable Innovation during this pandemic.

Web meeting on 4th-July-2020 at 7.30 p.m. with guests; Mr Priyanjit Ghosh, Co- Founder : CodeVector Labs & Mr Veer Varma M, Founder :

startup business mentor

YourSuccessStory - July 2020

Your Success Story Blog published CoachDirect story

Snippet below:
"The service and process improvements we bring to the current ecosystem which is vastly disintegrated are:
1. Systematic coaching plans, monthly reports and individual assessments each quarter for all sports
2. Web portal and Android App where our customers can track their progress and payment information
3. Conduct periodic internal and external tournaments to motivate our customers and general public to engage in sports
4. Background verification of all coaches to ensure they come from the relevant sports background and training them to ensure there is standardized and continuous service without one-man dependency"

SJR College - Jun 2020

SJR college for women, Bangalore, has invited Mr Veer Varma to address their college students on the topic of "Self Confidence". CoachDirect has been reaching out to a number of educational institutions, engaging and motivating students during the difficult times of the pandemic.

Podcast interview - Jun 2020

Podcast interview of Veer Varma, where he explains his views on Yoga, Startups, wellness, Sports and parenting,

podcast interview startup wellness

BizBehindSports, June 2020

CoachDirect aims to nurture fitness and wellness at grassroots level.

CoachDirect is a sports, wellness and life coaching company that was founded by Veer Varma M in 2011. They focus on balancing the fast paced lives of people by engaging them in sports and wellness programmes. It is located in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Startup Weekly, June 2020:

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Startup interview with Veer Varma, Founder, CoachDirect India

CoachDirect is an Indian-based startup that works with schools and gated communities by providing sports, wellness and life coaching services. The startup CEO Veer Varma elaborates:, June 2020

Our course Health and Work balance reaches 1,000 students milestone: healthworkbalance

The FREE course covers the need for a balance between health and work. There are specific tips on how to maintain that balance by the means of below methods:

1. Physical Activity

2. Healthy Alternatives

3. Diet

4. Sleep and Relaxation

Times Next, Jan 2020

timesnext startup stories

How Veer Varma’s startup – CoachDirect is working remarkably to promote sports in the country.

CoachDirect is working to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle among students by teaching the importance of sports in their life.

Ensconce, Oct 2019


Ensconce team has featured CoachDirect in this video as a case study for scaling business.

Scaling a Business - How do we define Scale? People tend to believe that revenue growth and investment are the Know-Hows to say that a Business has scaled.

The Rising Bharat, June 2018

veervarma healthworkbalance
To discuss on the theme of Health/Work Balance, The Rising Bharat in collaboration with CoachDirect invited Mr. Veer Varma as a part of Happy Morning Campaign.