Passion League now in Hyderabad too!
Passion League registrations now open for the new season starting 1-June to 31-August 2016 in Bangalore, and now in Hyderabad city too. This season we are offering attractive cash prizes too.

What is Passion League: Passion League is for amateur Badminton,   Table Tennis and Tennis  enthusiasts, who play for fun. Passion League provides a league of your own where you can compete and belong to on a continuous basis. The players play league matches at venues of their choice in each season comprising of 3 months. There will be a season finale tournament for semi-finalists and finalists end of each season and there are cash prizes and trophies on offer for the champions.

Attractive Cash Prizes for the upcoming season (Jun to Aug) in addition to trophies:
* Doubles Division Winners: Rs. 2000      * Doubles Division Runners-up: Rs. 1500
​* Singles Division Winners: Rs. 1500        * Singles Division Runners-up: Rs. 1000

Entry Fees:
> Singles category: Rs. 500 only 
> Doubles category: Rs.750 only 
> Lifetime registration free, valid for all sports