Overcome FREE virtual run on 26 Jul


3km/5km/10km/15km - Sunday 26th Jul

Come.. Run together with us to show yourself that you can overcome your pain, your stress, your anxiety, your worry, your fear, your anger; and to overcome Covid19.

Checkout other runners who have overcome on https://instagram.com/coachdirectin or https://fb.com/coachdirect.fb
(sorry if we did not post your pic, as we got quite a lot...)

Thank you for your participation. Your e-certificates will be emailed to you by 28th Jul 2020. Stay tuned for more such FREE runs and walkathons on www.coachdirect.in/events.
overcome virtual run marathon free


Overcome FREE Virtual Run

3km/5km/10km/15km - Sunday 26th Jul


1. Register before 25th Jul
2. Run on the event day - either indoor or outdoor
3. Record your result on www.coachdirect.in/overcome with proof of run
4. Receive your e-certificate on 27th / 28th Jul after verification of results

Terms and conditions:

1. Please register for the event by completing the form before 25th Jul, 12noon GMT
2. This is a fully inclusive event without any discrimination towards gender, race, religion, age, country, condition, etc..
3. Please take medical advice if you are not sure about your fitness level or if you are suffering from any medical condition. Organisers are not responsible for any injury, illness, accident, caused due to your participation
4. Please maintain social distancing, lockdown rules, and other norms as prescribed by your local jurisdiction. It is advised not to wear mask during the run and not to run where there are people all around you. You can run indoors on treadmill too if there is no option to run outdoors. You are welcome to walk or run in different intervals if that suits you.
5. Recommended apps to record your run - Strava, Nike Run, Garmin, Google Fit, Fit Bit and iPhone Activity app. Please use one of the above to avoid delay and dispute in obtaining your e-certificate. The uploaded pic should clearly show the distance covered and the time taken.
6. Pls record your results with proof before 26th Jul 23:59 GMT
7. Organisers will verify the results and send you an e-certificate to the email provided. Organisers decision will be final in case of any discrepancies.

Wishing you the best of health, happiness and peace!
CoachDirect Team
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