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Unlike other sports, Chess is not much of a physical sport. It is more of an indoor activity which is like a mental gymnastics and our chess coaching online is unique. The benefits of Chess are immense and it is equally important, if not more important, for a child's all round development when playing chess online or offline. Chess coaching online is provided by us.

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Some of the known BENEFITS of our Chess coaching online would be :

Develops IQ and concentration

Exercises both sides of the brain and helps in increasing our imagination, creativity and logical thinking ability

Improves school work and grades 

Develops planning and prediction capabilities 




The main topics covered under beginner level are:

Piece Names

Piece values

Rules for movement of pieces

Checkmates and Stalemate

Chess Puzzles


The main topics covered under Intermediate Level are:

  • Opening, Middle and End game strategies
  • Mates in two, three, four
  • Various Tactics - Fork, Spoon, Discovered Attack, etc..
  • Tournament rules and practice
  • Combinations
  • Intermediate Puzzles




CoachDirect employs international FIDE rated coaches who are not only talented but also very passionate about promoting Chess as a sport for all kids of all ages. We cover beginner and intermediate level chess coaching online.

There are weekly chess game tournaments for our students to get a real exposure to the competitive environment and to practice what they have learnt in their online classes.

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