Online Activities

With the current situation of pandemic, we are offering the following activities which you can practice at the safety and comfort of your home. Live online fitness classes guided by our coaches. Enjoy these workout activities with your family to start spending quality time together...


CoachDirect employs international FIDE rated coaches who are not only talented but also very passionate about promoting Chess as a sport for all kids of all ages. We cover beginner and intermediate level chess coaching online.

There are weekly chess game tournaments for our students to get a real exposure to the competitive environment and to practice what they have learnt in their online classes. READ MORE..

online chess coaching class classes game

Dance based fitness

A combination of Zumba, Aerobics, Freestyle dance formats to make it an amazingly fun experience when practiced with family.  Taking up online dance class with Coachdirect brings “ dance classes near me.”

What more? We also offer you on-stage chances during one of our school, marathon or corporate events so you really have a chance to bring out the dancer in you and to present your dance skills to the world. We can even promote your dance video on our YouTube channel READ MORE..

online dance zumba aerobics hip hop bollywood free style fitness


Practice various types of Yoga Asanas such as sitting, standing, lying down and lying upside down forms of Yoga poses, Breathing practice or Pranayama and Meditation for stress relief with us. We strive to make Yoga a part of your lifestyle. READ MORE..

online yoga meditation breathing asana poses classes coaching

Self Defense & Fitness

We aim to teach self-defense by training you to recognize situations in which physical self-defense may be necessary, and teaching you how to control such situations to your advantage. If you wish to progress in a particular form of self defence, then we enable formal belt examinations and tournaments to reach your goals. READ MORE..

karate taekwondo martial art self defense defence classes online