The Real Me - Workshop

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- Are you suffocated by being the perfect student/ perfect partner/ perfect child etc?
- Do you feel the pressure of conditional acceptance?
- Are you threatened by the outcome of not being perfect?

We all have multiple aspects of our personality which emerges according to situations. But what if only one of your aspect is being accepted by the society and not all?

Learn with us -
- What does it mean to be real?
- Why is it important to be real?
- How to eliminate the threats of being real?
- How to spread the authenticity in and around?

Come, join our exclusive workshop facilitated by Mrs. Priyanka Lenka on Sunday 13th Sep 2020, 6PM IST (GMT +5.30)
NLP Master Practitioner, Transaction Analysis Counsellor and ICF member

Participation fees: Rs. 499 299 only
Pay to UPI 9886282200@upi

Fee includes
  • Workshop and art therapy
  • Participation certificate
BONUS! Limited offer! Book a FREE 1-1 discovery session with our Coach after the workshop to continue your personal discovery and self empowerment journey..

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