PL Football

Venue Address: CoachDirect Sports Center, Redbridge International Academy, 114, S Bingipura village, Begur Koppa Road, Bengaluru, 560105

FORMAT: League of 3 teams followed by Knock-out elimination

    1. Open tournament for amateur players only. 6 + 3 rolling subs
      2. Organisers and Referees decision is always final
        3. Misconduct, foul language, abusive behaviour strictly not allowed and such players / teams will be disqualified
          4. Format: League cum knock-out. One qualifying team from the league will advance to the knock-out stage
            5. Players should bring all safety gear such as shin guards, studs etc.
              6. Players participating at their own risk. Organisers not responsible for any injuries caused to the players
                7. Teams need to strictly adhere to reporting times announced one day prior, else they would be given a walkover without refund
                  8. No refund or cancellations allowed after registration
                    9. Organisers can reject any registration without assigning a reason
                      10. If required, 8 Oct 2017 will be used as a reserve day
                        11. Cash prize holds good if minimum 18 teams participate. Else the cash prize will be pro-rated accordingly