Social and Emotional Learning for Kids

Online workshop for kids aged 7 to 15 yrs
Sunday 7 Feb, 6PM IST (GMT + 5:30)
Problem solving, working in a group and managing emotions are the challenges faced by kids 👍🏻 Improvising their social emotional learning results in better academic achievement and skill development of an individual 😎 Self and social awareness, Self management, Responsible decision making and relationship skills taught in a fun way

Facilitated by
Our Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and NLP Coach Mrs Geetika Agrawal


Cultivate life skills in kids through  6 day Social Emotional Learning whatsapp workshop. Imbibe core values and enjoy the best moments of your life as they grow 😎😎
 Benefits of Social Emotional Learning Workshop :
 *Decision making
 *Positive Relationships
 *Self Management
 *Social Management
 *Scoring good marks in academic


Day 1🏚️: Self Awareness
Day 2🎭: Understanding of emotions
Day 3: Empathy
Day 4🧎‍♀️: Mindfulness
Day 5🙏: Gratitude
Day 6 🥉: Growth Mindset

What you get:
  • Live interactive workshop with other kids
  • Participation e-certificate
  • Complete practice worksheets and win FREE 1-on-1 discovery session with our coach

Participation fees: Rs. 1000 only
Early Bird offer: Pay Rs. 750 only if you register before 31 Jan
Pay to UPI 9886282200@upi

HURRY.. To register pls submit the form below: Limited entries accepted.

Live workshop link will be shared prior to the event.

For any queries whatsapp us on +91 9632099333

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