Breaking Habits Workshop

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Struggling to Stop! Need Help in Breaking the Habit? Get all the Answers Here

Have you ever considered Quitting this awful habit?
You have tried different means but could not succeed?
Successfully quit, but relapsed?

Want to try one more time! But this time with guidance?
Then this workshop is for you….
Facilitated by NLP Master Practitioner Coach, Mr Pranith Sarma Chandrapati

We use powerful tools of NLP to help you quit the habit - whether quit smoking or quit drinking.
Our Clients have reported a 92% Success Rate, using our coaching.
You can be the next successful person to create a healthier and better life for yourself.

  • Know the 2A`s and 2W`s of addiction.
  • Modalities and Sub Modalities associated with the habit
  • Use of two important tools to kick the Habit and live a better Life.

What you get:
  • Live workshop to discover and to empower yourself
  • FREE 1-on-1 discovery session with our NLP Master Practitioner to go through your Mind Talk and to give you personalized guidance
  • Participation e-certificate

Participation fees: Rs. 499 299 only
Pay to UPI 9886282200@upi

HURRY.. To register pls submit the form below:

Live workshop link will be shared prior to the event.

For any queries call us on 9886282200

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