CoachDirect is offering corporate wellness programmes exclusively for your corporate at your work location. Our qualified set of trainers will visit your location at your convenience and engage your staff to improve their health and fitness levels. This is an excellent way to reward your team for all their hard work and you will be pleased to see happier and more productive employees.

There are a wide range of wellness options to choose from below:
  • Dance based fitness
  • Yoga
  • Self defence / Martial Arts
  • Fitness
We shall be happy to arrange a free demo session. Please find attached further information on the programme. Kindly connect us with your HR / Admin team to take this forward.

We shall also be pleased to conduct any internal tournaments for your corporate. We can also offer sports based training programmes to improve Teamwork, Leadership, etc.. We manage all the below activities end to end to provide you with one seamless enriching experience:

  • Venue Management
  • Participants Management
  • Schedule and Content Management
  • Food and logisitics
  • Officials Management
  • Opening / Closing ceremony

We connect your staff with local #community be it underprivileged children, differently abled or old age homes and engage them together in fun filled sports activities

For further details write to us on

CoachDirect Sports,
Jun 7, 2017, 11:03 PM