Table Tennis Coaching

Table Tennis Coaching

Table Tennis

Table tennis is also called Ping-Pong or TT, a ball game similar in principle to lawn tennis and played on a flat ping pong table divided into two equal courts by a net fixed across its width at the middle. The lightweight hollow ball is propelled back and forth across the net by small rackets (bats, or table tennis paddles) held by the players. The game is popular all over the world. In most countries it is very highly organized as a competitive sport, especially in Europe and Asia, particularly in China and Japan. Table tennis is a really complex physical activity, beneficial for the player in more than one way.

Table tennis has always played second fiddle to sports like cricket, football and tennis in India, but somehow it has managed to keep its existence amongst the din of its much-fancied competitors. It has been popular as a corporate and resort sport due to the space and cost economies. Once a player gets the hang of it, it can be a very positive addiction.

Our TT academy in Bangalore has been inspiring and bringing out best talent from youngsters.
TT table tennis academy coaching

Some of the Benefits of our TT coaching are:

  • Flexibility, strength, speed or endurance
  • All year round all-weather sport
  • Enhancing blood circulation and promotes full body movement
  • Gentle on your body and everyone all ages can play
  • Develops reflexes and keeps you mentally sharp

Coaching plan


  • Ball control and posture
  • Fitness: Balance and core, Speed & Agility
  • Mixed drills - Racket fed and hand fed
  • Forehand & Backhand Push
  • Forehand and Backhand Service and Drive

  • Forehand and Backhand loop shot
  • Topspin and backspin
  • Smash and return
  • Lob, Chop and Flick
  • Doubles and tournament rules

CoachDirect way: 

We work with TTFI or Tenvic certified coaches and some who had also represented their State in national level tournaments. We conducted city level league tournaments to promote the amateur sport in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.
Apart from our TT academy of Bangalore, we also have launched another TT academy in Hyderabad.

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