Skating Coaching

Skating Coaching


Skating is picking up rapidly as a popular sport due to limited infrastructure required and the great pleasure that kids derive out of the sport. It is a sport in which sets of wheels attached to shoes are used for skating on smooth surfaces. Skating is of various kinds:

  • Roller skating – Skating roller involves gliding over a smooth surface on roller skates, which are specially designed boots with two wheels at the front and two at the heel. Roller skating can be enjoyed outdoors or at indoor roller rinks. 
  • Inline skating- Inline skating is a popular recreational activity where the skater glides on lightweight boots with three to five wheels attached in a line.
  • Ice skating- In the sport of skating in ice, skaters glide across ice on ice skates; special boots attached to steel runners.  Ice skating may be performed in indoor or outdoor rinks, and on frozen lakes, ponds, rivers, or streams.  The sport is most prevalent in countries with long, cold winters, although the indoor rinks have made ice skating popular in warmer areas as well.
  • Skate boarding: A skating board is used instead of a shoe and is found great popularity among teens and youth.
Our skating academy in Bangalore has been inspiring and bringing out best talent from youngsters.

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Some of the Benefits of our Skating coaching are:

  • Aerobic (cardio): skating provides aerobic benefits that compare to running and biking and delivers a better cardiovascular workout than stair-stepping equipment
  • Anaerobic (muscle development): it provides a natural and smooth side-to-side movement that exercises abductor (inner thigh) and abductor (buttocks) muscles that may be ignored by other activities
  • Joint friendly sport (low impact on knees and back): It also has low impact advantages and generates up to half the impact shock to joints, ligaments and tendons that running creates or some of the popular racquet sports such as tennis, squash, badminton creates. 
  • Improves mental clarity and focus: Improve your mental clarity and focus and reduce stress and depression

Coaching plan


  • Fitness: Skating Stamina
  • Balancing and body posture
  • V Shape walking and rolling, V Shape Gliding
  • Anticlockwise & clockwise circle movement


  • Cross leg circular movement
  • Right U turn and Left U turn
  • Curves and changing direction
  • Single leg balancing

CoachDirect way: 

We had kids as young as 4 years taking up the sport and is an excellent way for them to improve on gross motor skills. Our regular skating tournaments especially our long association with Decathlon has been a major attraction among our students.
Apart from our skating academy of Bangalore, we also have launched another skating academy in Hyderabad.

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