Football Coaching

Football Coaching


Football as a team sport has been among the most popular sports in India, nearing the popularity of cricket. In 2013, India's current top domestic football league Indian Super League was formed as an unrecognized professional league with eight teams to promote Indian football to the country and the world. Running parallel with the I-League, means that India is one of the few countries with two fully recognized football leagues. It is no wonder the most widely followed game in the world. With superstars like Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, and our own Bhaichung Bhutia and Sunil Chhetri firing up our young footballers.

With the growing popularity of Indian Super League, Indian football and the youth of India badly hooked to the English Premier League, there is no denying the might of the Football game, which is fast contending the popularity of Cricket.

Our football academy in Bangalore has been inspiring youngsters and bringing out the best players in them.

football coaching fitness drills passing shooting


  • General fitness: Improves aerobic capacity, cardiovascular health and lowers body fat

  • Builds muscle and bone strength 

  • Teaches foot coordination and increases cognitive brain function

  • Promotes teamwork and sharing. Teammates share a common bond which promotes a sense of unity and fosters friendships

  • Leadership: Leaders often form on a soccer pitch



  • Fitness – strength and conditioning, balance and core.

  • Game awareness and rules

  • Ball control and handling

  • Drills - dribbling, carrying, passing, receiving, shooting 


  • Fitness – increase endurance and muscle strength

  • Morale and team work

  • Various positions and techniques of defending, supporting, goalkeeping, crossing, attacking

  • Tournament rules

CoachDirect Way:

Most of our coaches are either AIFF licensed or NIS coaches. Some of them have even represented elite football clubs in national level tournaments. We are also proud to have some coaches who played in the Santosh trophy.  While the young kids always are interested in playing matches and scoring goals like their favourite football stars, the real improvement comes through fitness and often repetitive drills. Hence we try our best to balance the practice aspect with the match aspect in our coaching. We use a variety of fitness drills such as cones and markers, fitness ladders, hurdles, resistance bands to improve both technical and fitness skills.

Apart from football academy of Bangalore, we have also launched another football academy in Hyderabad.

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