Cricket Coaching

Cricket Coaching


The game started in England. Today, it is a religion in many other countries.  Cricket must be India’s virtual national sport and many a kid gets inspired by the household heroes like M S Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar, the most popular names associated with Cricket India. The Indian National Cricket Team also called as “Team India” are the “men in blue” and are fondly loved by all people across the country.  While the sport is played amateurly at every nook and corner, cricket coaching is a serious profession.

Our cricket academy in Bangalore has been inspiring and bringing out best talent from youngstars.

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Some of the Benefits of our Cricket coaching are:

  • Physical fitness: Cricket includes a lot of throwing and sprinting across the field, which is a great cardiovascular activity and improves general physical fitness.

  • Motor Skills: Bowling, batting and catching the ball require gross motor skills. These are such activities that make the large body muscles to work.

  • Social Skills: it’s a great way to interact with people and it’s also a great way to learn to cope with defeat. Cricket matches can last several hours, and within that time one must work with the team in a cooperative manner to develop and initiate game strategies to win the match.

  • Muscle Toning: like most other sports, cricket also helps with gaining and toning your muscles.

  • Coordination: when catching, hitting or throwing the ball, a cricket player improves one’s hand eye coordination

  • Team Building: Since it is a team sport, eleven players must work together for several hours on the field. Children playing cricket learn cooperation and other social skills, while building a sense of pride and accomplishment when their team wins. Even adults can enjoy the opportunity to foster friendships outside of the office. Victory is all the sweeter when shared.

Coaching plan


  • Fitness – fun physical activities, cone to cone warm ups, strength and conditioning

  • Batting and bowling grip 

  • Various types of batting defence and taking guard

  • Fielding and catching drills

  • Bowling and batting action


  • Front and back foot driving

  • Variety of shots - square cut, straight drive, pull shot, hook shot 

  • Shooting drills and target bowling.

  • Leg and off spin, basics of wicket keeping

  • Seam bowling

CoachDirect way: 

Cricket coaching with only footwork and drills can get monotonous. Hence we try to make it fun by introducing games at the end which kids can enjoy as well as apply the techniques that are essential to learn cricket. Our sessions include fitness, fielding drills, catching drills, shooting drills, etc. While batting and bowling at nets is essential to learn the various types of shots. Usually we always start with a soft ball. We slowly introduce leather balls once the basic techniques have been grasped by the player. At first, a hard ball is used for catching and fielding before actually using at net practice.

Apart from our cricket academy of Bangalore, we also have launched another cricket academy in Hyderabad.

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