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Football Coaching

With the growing popularity of Indian Super League and the youth of India badly hooked to the English Premier League, there is no denying the might of the Football game, which is fast contending the popularity of Cricket.

Key Benefits:
  • General fitness: Improves aerobic capacity, cardiovascular health and lowers body fat

  • Builds muscle and bone strength

  • Teaches foot coordination and increases cognitive brain function

CoachDirect's coaching plans have strong focus on key topics such as:
  • Fitness – strength and conditioning, balance and core.

  • Game awareness and rules

  • Ball control and handling

  • Drills - dribbling, carrying, passing, receiving, shooting

Basketball Coaching

Basketball is a dynamic sport that builds stamina from the short sprints required of running up and down the length of the court.

Key Benefits:
  • Burn calories and build endurance. An hour of basketball can burn 630–750 calories!

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • Develop concentration and self-discipline

  • Build up muscle and muscular endurance as it requires frequent muscle contractions

CoachDirect's coaching plans have strong focus on key topics such as:
  • Ball control and body posture

  • Forward & Lateral with ball

  • Dribbling and passing Basics

  • Shooting Basics, Lay up shots

Skating Coaching

Skating is picking up rapidly as a popular sport due to limited infrastructure required and the great pleasure that kids derive out of the sport.

Key Benefits:
  • Aerobic (cardio): skating provides aerobic benefits that compare to running and biking and delivers a better cardiovascular workout than stair-stepping equipment
  • Anaerobic (muscle development): it provides a natural and smooth side-to-side movement that exercises thighs and buttocks
  • Joint friendly sport (low impact on knees and back)

CoachDirect's coaching plans have strong focus on key topics such as:
  • Fitness: Skating Stamina
  • Balancing and body posture
  • V Shape walking and rolling

Swimming Coaching

Swimming as an exercise is popular as an all-around body developer and is also taught for lifesaving purposes.  Swimming is a great exercise as well as a great pass time for people of all ages.

Key Benefits:
  • Builds cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Low impact sport so no side effects even on prolonged and continued engagement
  • Builds muscle mass and promotes growth in kids

CoachDirect conducts a variety of swimming programmes:

  • Learn to swim (usually 15 to 20 classes)
  • Advanced swimming (strokes - butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, underwater etc.)
  • Water aerobics
  • Weight reduction program

Athletics Coaching

Athletics have become the most truly international of sports, with nearly every country in the world engaging in some form of competition. And we all know the charisma and glamour that goes beyond legendary 100m sprinters such as Usain Bolt.

Key Benefits:
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Lowers risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes
  • Helps manage weight
  • Reduced blood pressure

CoachDirect focuses on the below points during coaching

  • Endurance and Strengthening workouts
  • Various running drills -  high knees, butt kicks, hurdles
  • Cones and ladder drills to change speed and direction
  • Shotput drills - grip and throw technique

Badminton Coaching

There has been a tremendous response and interest in Badminton as a sport in India lately.
Key Benefits:
  • Trains mind for quick reflexes and thus helps in general decision-making
  • Demands running, jumping, smashing and develops strength of arms and legs
  • Reduces obesity, blood pressure and heart diseases
  • Equally enjoyable in doubles and singles forms

CoachDirect's coaching plans have strong focus on key topics such as:
  • Footwork and shadows
  • Forehand and Backhand Clears
  • Forehand and Backhand Lifts
  • Coverage of 6 point and 8 point drills

Cricket Coaching

Cricket must be India’s virtual national sport. While the sport is played amateurly at every nook and corner, cricket coaching is a serious profession.

Key Benefits:
  • Physical fitness: Cricket includes a lot of throwing and sprinting across the field, which is a great cardiovascular activity and improves general physical fitness.

  • Motor Skills: Bowling, batting and catching the ball require gross motor skills.

  • Social Skills: it’s a great way to interact with people and it’s also a great way to learn to cope with defeat.

CoachDirect's coaching plans have strong focus on key topics such as:
  • Batting and bowling grip 

  • Various types of batting defence and taking guard

  • Fielding and catching drills

  • Bowling and batting action

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Table Tennis Coaching

Table tennis has always played second fiddle to sports like cricket, football and tennis in India, but somehow it has managed to keep its existence among the din of its much-fancied competitors. It has been popular as a corporate and resort sport due to the space and cost economies. Once a player gets the hang of it, it can be a very positive addiction.

Key Benefits:
  • Flexibility, strength, speed or endurance

  • All year round all-weather sport

  • Enhancing blood circulation and promotes full body movement

  • Joint friendly sport (low impact on knees and back)

CoachDirect's coaching plans have strong focus on key topics such as:
  • Body posture and ball control
  • Forehand & Backhand Push
  • Forehand and Backhand Service and Drive
  • Forehand and Backhand loop
table tennis TT coaching academy tournament

Lawn Tennis Coaching

Lawn Tennis has become one of the most popular sports in India. Thanks to some iconic role models such as Sania Mirza, Leander Paes, who have reached the pinnacles of tennis and brought laurels to the country. Many a kid dream of making it big at Wimbledon or Olympics.

Key Benefits:
  • Tennis is a good sport for maintaining health, fitness, strength and agility. There is a lot of body  movement up and down across the vast court and hence can be a great exercise.

  • Competitive tennis burns more calories than aerobics, inline skating, or cycling, according to studies on caloric expenditures.

CoachDirect focuses on the below key topics during coaching:

  • Racquet handling and Ball control 

  • Footwork and stroke technique

  • Forehand and backhand drive

  • Service line to baseline shots

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Volleyball Coaching

It is a great and entertaining team sport, which has found much popularity in the rural regions of India as well. Power and height have become vital components of international teams.

Key Benefits:
  • Builds agility, coordination, speed, and balance: Due to its quick changes of pace and direction, volleyball places a large number of demands on the technical and physical skills of a player.
  • Burns calories and fat: a person can burn between 90 to 133 calories during a half-hour game of non-competitive game.
  • Tones and shapes the body: The physical activities involved in playing volleyball will strengthen the upper body, arms, and shoulders as well as the muscles of the lower body.

CoachDirect focuses on the below key topics during coaching:

  • Endurance, Agility and Strengthening

  • Forearm Pass technique

  • Overhead serve and set

  • Circle games

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